First Private Laboratory in INDIA to receive Government Approal for Testing Ayurvedic Drugs & Preparations. Most of our products are based on proved Sasthric Formulations in Modern Forms for easy convenient intake.

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Cholayil Medicinal Plants Conservation Park

Cholayil Medicinal Plants Conservation Park is a dedicated work of Dr. V.P. Sidhan, Chariman, Dr. Sidhan’s group of companies by Conservation, Propagating Herbal, Ornamental plants including many rare and endangered plant species.

This work is a tribute to Ayurveda and its society by him.

Cholayil Farm extents to 80 acres of land with rich flora and fauna about 700 plant species, 300 herbal trees, 3000 orchard trees, 3000 and more ornamental plants.

Adding beauty and value to this are the animals, all are for the benefits of Students of Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani doctor students, Botany Graduates, Post Graduates, Professors, Researches and Scholars further more for the communities involved in conservation programmes.